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Committee: Senate Finance
Title: Interim Report - General Government
Library Catalog Title: Interim report
Subjects: Existing Debt Allotment | Fiscal management | Health care costs | Hospital districts | Hospitals | Instructional Facilities Allotment Program | Privatization | School buildings | School districts | School finance | State land | Texas Lottery |
Library Call Number: L1836.80 F49g
Session: 80th R.S. (2007)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Study the effectiveness of cash management strategies of the state. Review the quarterly amount of cash on hand and its use and potential to generate excess returns. Include an assessment of cash flow problems that exist in school districts and request that the Comptroller of Public Accounts report on the additional short-term borrowing needed and the potential impact on bond ratings if legislation is not passed which allows for the "smoothing" of state payments to school districts.
2. Explore the policy implications of allowing school districts, or other public agencies, to participate in a permissive pooled collateral program which provides for the centralization of collateral in a pool which will be tracked and verified to meet state requirements.
3. Compile a list of significant state assets and infrastructure, including but not limited to the state lottery and state real property, and determine if each asset is being used to the highest and best use possible in the interest of taxpayers of Texas. Where appropriate, provide analysis of alternative uses of underperforming assets, potential cost savings or revenue gains and the legislative actions that would be needed to make the changes that are in the best interest of taxpayers.
4. Study the funding of county public hospitals and the role neighboring counties without a county hospital should play.
5. Review and evaluate appropriate state regulation of a private operator of the state lottery should the state receive bids for a lease of the lottery that merit strong consideration. Provide recommendations for ensuring the security and integrity of the lottery and for adequate consumer protections. (Joint charge with Senate State Affairs Committee)
6. Review and make recommendations that address the state's facility infrastructure needs for public schools, ensuring that funding remains stable, reliable and equitable. Examine the need for funding adjustments for factors that affect the need for facilities, such as fast growth, age and condition of facilities, adequacy of space, construction and land costs, and concentration of students requiring smaller class sizes. Assess the impact on property taxpayers of “rolling forward” the Existing Debt Allotment (EDA) each session and the change in biennial appropriations for the Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA). (Joint Charge with Senate Education Committee)
Committee: House Public Health
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: House Committee on Public Health, Texas House of Representatives interim report, 2002 : a report to the House of Representatives, 78th Texas Legislature.
Subjects: Alternative medicine | Biological weapons | Drug rehabilitation programs | Health, Texas Department of | Homeland security | Hospital districts | Immunizations | Medical licensing | Medical reimbursements | Mental health services | Prescription drug costs | Public health | Substance abuse | Terrorism | Undocumented immigrants |
Library Call Number: L1836.77 h349h
Session: 77th R.S. (2001)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Assess the state of the healthcare infrastructure in Texas in light of hospital closures, rising costs, constrained reimbursement rates, workforce issues and any other pertinent factors. Consider differences in regions or localities that might adversely affect healthcare delivery to specific groups of Texans.
2. Conduct an extensive review of access to programs and treatment options for mental illness and substance abuse. Identify barriers to access and any gaps in existing programs.
3. Examine the costs and benefits of allowing state and local governments to provide health and preventive care without regard to the immigration status of the patient.
4. Gather information about the production, distribution, use and disposal of biological agents that could be used in terrorist actions, as well as vaccines that would be used to respond to biological attacks. Review hospital plans for responding to large-scale emergencies. Review government regulations and business practices to determine whether legislation is needed to protect life and property and to detect, interdict and respond to acts of terrorism.
5. Study the use of complementary and alternative medicines in Texas. Is there a need for the state to develop a regulatory framework for their use?
6. Assess the procedures of health-related licensing agencies regarding the intake of complaints, investigation procedures and timetables, and enforcement of laws and rules. Comment on any factors involving the use or abuse of patient information by healthcare agencies or institutions.
7. Actively monitor agencies and programs under the committee's oversight jurisdiction. Pay particular attention to implementation of recommendations to restructure the Department of Health including the childhood immunization program; and implementation of pharmaceutical legislation passed by the 77th Legislature.
Committee: House State Affairs
Title: Interim report
Library Catalog Title: Committee on State Affairs, Texas House of Representatives interim report, 1996 : a report to the Texas House of Representatives, 75th Texas Legislature.
Subjects: Base realignment and closure | Electric utility deregulation | Hospital districts | Military bases | Public Utility Regulatory Act | Telecommunications infrastructure | Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund | Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board | Telephone deregulation |
Library Call Number: L1836.74 st29
Session: 74th R.S. (1995)
Online version: View report [89 pages  File size: 4,029 kb]
Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Review the structure and governance of hospital districts in light of changes in funding, federal legislation and changes in methods of delivering health care services.
2. Study the feasibility of establishing an entity with specific responsibilities for preventing the downsizing or closure of Texas military bases.
3. Conduct active oversight of agencies under the committee's jurisdiction, including HB 2128, 74th R.S., SB 373, 74th R.S., the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board and the implementation of assessments on the state's cellular and wireless telecommunications industries.
Committee: House Intergovernmental Affairs
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: To the speaker and members of the Texas House of Representatives, 67th Legislature : report of the / Committee on Intergovernmental Affairs, Texas House of Representatives, 67th [i.e. 66th] Legislature.
Subjects: County budgets | County government | County sheriffs | Disaster relief | District attorneys | District courts | Emergency management | Extraterritorial jurisdiction | Hospital districts | Indigent health care | Judicial interpretation of legislation | Liability | Municipal utility districts | Municipalities | Natural disasters | Security guards | Sovereign immunity | State Property Tax Board | Tax Assessor Examiners, Board of | Water districts |
Library Call Number: L1836.66 in8
Session: 66th R.S. (1979)
Online version: View report [78 pages  File size: 2,110 kb]
Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Oversight functions shall be conducted for all appropriations-related actions of those agencies assigned to this committee for appropriative purposes during the 66th Regular Session of the Legislature. The agencies include: Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations Texas Assessor Examiners State Property Tax Board (School Tax Assessment Practices Board)
2. Review the legal status and effects of validation acts.
3. Review the status of hospital districts in Texas created by general and special law, including processes of petition, election, funding and administration.
4. Review the particular problems encountered by hospital districts which are required to treat large numbers of indigent patients or districts which support medical schools or teaching hospitals. Make recommendations regarding funding for indigent health care and residency programs. *
5. Review county bidding, contracting and purchasing procedures.
6. Determine the costs to counties caused by the district judicial and administrative system of Texas.
7. Study risk management of elected and appointed officials of local government.
8. Study the legal relationships between utility districts and cities' extraterritorial jurisdiction when the two units overlap.
9. Determine the status of reserve deputy sheriffs in Texas with particular attention to the question of employment and compensation for work involving private security.
10. Evaluate the adequacy of the Texas Disaster Act of 1975 to determine if more state effort is needed to assist local governments in disaster relief, cleanup operations, and evacuation planning and machinery.

* This represents an abstract of the report contents. Charge text is incomplete or unavailable.

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