77th Regular Session (2001) – Governor Rick Perry

See also the House Research Organization's Vetoes of Legislation, 77th Regular Session Legislature
Analyses include a digest of each vetoed bill, the governor's stated reason for the veto, and a response by the author of the vetoed bill.

Bill Caption Document
HB 106 Relating to restricting written reports required of public school classroom teachers.   Veto
HB 141 Relating to the prosecution of and punishment for the offenses of kidnapping and aggravated kidnapping.   Veto
HB 236 Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with mental retardation.   Veto
HB 259 Relating to equal access to places of public accommodation.   Veto
HB 393 Relating to certain nonprofit entities that provide health or long-term care or health benefit plans; providing a penalty.   Veto
HB 396 Relating to the requirement that an applicant for a driver's license provide certain identification information to the Department of Public Safety and to the duty of the department to provide a voter registration application form to an applicant.   Veto
HB 546 Relating to judicial training.   Veto
HB 660 Relating to career and technology education and training.   Veto
HB 674 Relating to stopping, standing, or parking a vehicle on a sidewalk.   Veto
HB 947 Relating to the survival of a wrongful death suit on the death of the plaintiff.   Veto
HB 964 Relating to the release of certain confidential information of a patient by the patient's physician.   Veto
HB 1001 Relating to the review of the reimbursement methodology for and resource needs of nursing facilities.   Veto
HB 1004 Relating to the work or employment activities required under the temporary assistance for needy families program.   Veto
HB 1006 Relating to exemptions and exceptions from work or employment activity requirements under the temporary assistance for needy families program.   Veto
HB 1047 Relating to the authority of electric cooperative corporations to receive indemnity from certain persons involved in mining lignite.   Veto
HB 1113 Relating to legislative leave time accounts for police officers in certain municipalities.   Veto
HB 1117 Relating to petition requirements for an application for a place on the general primary election ballot for certain judicial candidates.   Veto
HB 1148 Relating to notice of proposed construction sent to the county commissioners court and others regarding, and the marking, location, and removal of, certain wireless communication facilities.   Veto
HB 1415 Relating to the duty of law enforcement agencies regarding records associated with certain defendants receiving deferred adjudication.   Veto
HB 1506 Relating to security costs required of a person who contests certain alcoholic beverage license applications.   Veto
HB 1514 Relating to the operation of certain commercial enterprises.   Veto
HB 1515 Relating to the recovery of damages by a parent, managing conservator, or guardian in a suit brought by a person who was younger than 18 at the time the cause of action accrued.   Veto
HB 1585 Relating to the completion of a sentence in a felony after revocation of parole, mandatory supervision, or conditional pardon and to the restoration of forfeited good conduct time.   Veto
HB 1678 Relating to nonrepairable and salvage motor vehicles.   Veto
HB 1680 Relating to the regulation of certain extra job coordinators by the Texas Commission on Private Security.   Veto
HB 1723 Relating to the creation of a county employment development board in certain counties to develop programs for rural economic assistance for career training; authorizing a tax.   Veto
HB 1862 Relating to the regulation and prompt payment of health care providers under certain health benefit plans; providing penalties.   Veto
HB 1913 Relating to termination of certain contracts by a preferred provider organization or health maintenance organization.   Veto
HB 1994 Relating to certain charges included in a retail installment agreement.   Veto
HB 2111 Relating to the Office of Court Administration of the Texas Judicial System, the Judicial Committee on Information Technology, and the Texas Judicial Council.   Veto
HB 2119 Relating to the authorization and regulation of progressive bingo games.   Veto
HB 2139 Relating to certain agreements under a retail installment contract for the purchase of a motor vehicle.   Veto
HB 2265 Relating to the funding of child-care subsidies by the Texas Workforce Commission.   Veto
HB 2273 Relating to the hours worked during a week by police officers in certain municipalities.   Veto
HB 2287 Relating to the authority of a hospital to share with certain attending physicians reimbursements for services provided to patients under the medical assistance program.   Veto
HB 2312 Relating to the resolution of certain contract claims against the state.   Veto
HB 2313 Relating to the disposing of abandoned motor vehicles.   Veto
HB 2430 Relating to a consumer assistance program for health benefit plan consumers.   Veto
HB 2436 Relating to a requirement that the Bureau of Economic Geology of The University of Texas at Austin conduct a study of the East Texas Oil Field.   Veto
HB 2484 Relating to the regulation of racing.   Veto
HB 2495 Relating to requiring a valet parking service to maintain financial responsibility; creating an offense.   Veto
HB 2558 Relating to the amount of the fees established by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners.   Veto
HB 2676 Relating to the establishment of a domestic violence fatality review team in certain counties; providing a penalty.   Veto
HB 2677 Relating to the right of certain municipalities to maintain local control over wages, hours, and other terms of employment of certain municipal employees.   Veto
HB 2706 Relating to a legislative leave time bank for certain peace officers and firefighters.   Veto
HB 2723 Relating to civil actions involving persons who file complaints with governmental agencies.   Veto
HB 2786 Relating to requiring the Texas Workforce Commission to assist the Texas National Guard in the implementation of certain youth job-training and mentoring programs.   Veto
HB 2807 Relating to a demonstration project to extend Medicaid coverage to certain low-income individuals.   Veto
HB 2809 Relating to statutory revision and statutory construction.   Veto
HB 2839 Relating to energy efficiency programs developed by the energy office.   Veto
HB 2853 Relating to information gathered and analyzed by the legislative council.   Veto
HB 2878 Relating to requirements for a private club registration permit under the Alcoholic Beverage Code.   Veto
HB 3184 Relating to the contents of an application for an exemption from ad valorem taxation.   Veto
HB 3185 Relating to certain personnel policies of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.   Veto
HB 3194 Relating to the creation, administration, powers, duties, operation, and financing of the Fort Bend County Levee Improvement District Number 16 and to the authorization of bonds and the levy of taxes; providing civil penalties.   Veto
HB 3305 Relating to changing the deadlines and authority for ordering the election and filing for candidacy in political subdivision elections.   Veto
HB 3348 Relating to the Texas Energy Resource Council; authorizing the imposition of an assessment on producers of oil, gas, and condensate.   Veto
HB 3441 Relating to special license plates for certain government officials.   Veto
HB 3483 Relating to the creation, powers, and duties of the Clean Coal Technology Council.   Veto
HB 3670 Relating to the election and qualifications of directors of the Lubbock County Water Control and Improvement District No. 1.   Veto
SB 1 Appropriating money for the support of the Judicial, Executive and Legislative Branches of the State Government, for the construction of State buildings, and for state aid to public junior colleges for the period beginning September 1, 2001 and ending August 31, 2003.
Line item Veto
SB 144 Relating to the qualifications for a provisional license to practice chiropractic.   Veto
SB 161 Relating to authorizing transitional support services to former recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits.   Veto
SB 173 Relating to the deposit and refund of cash with regard to a bond in a criminal case.   Veto
SB 279 Relating to sanctions imposed against, and confidential information regarding, certain facilities regulated by the Texas Department of Health.   Veto
SB 350 Relating to wage rates paid by or on behalf of certain school districts on public works projects.   Veto
SB 354 Relating to the powers of a local government corporation.   Veto
SB 424 Relating to a state strategic health plan.   Veto
SB 512 Relating to the investment and management of the permanent school fund.   Veto
SB 516 Relating to creating the rural physician relief program and to licensing of physicians intending to practice in rural areas or other underserved or shortage areas.   Veto
SB 575 Relating to applicability of the Texas Youth Camp Safety and Health Act to facilities or programs operated by or on the campus of an institution of higher education.   Veto
SB 697 Relating to the regulation of the practice of professional engineering.   Veto
SB 730 Relating to the issuance of citations to persons arrested for certain misdemeanors and to the suspension of sentence and the deferral of adjudication in cases involving certain misdemeanor traffic offenses.   Veto
SB 769 Relating to the requirement that certain information be provided in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship.   Veto
SB 791 Relating to the imposition of administrative, civil, and criminal penalties and the authorization of emergency license suspension for certain licensing programs regulated by the Texas Department of Health.   Veto
SB 846 Relating to municipal payroll deductions.   Veto
SB 904 Relating to the prosecution and punishment of criminal offenses. Relating to making certain false statements or reports.   Veto
SB 1156 Relating to the state Medicaid program.   Veto
SB 1210 Relating to certain attorneys and law clerks employed by a court.   Veto
SB 1224 Relating to occupations regulated by the Texas Commission on Private Security.   Veto
SB 1411 Relating to dental services provided under the medical assistance program.   Veto
SB 1654 Relating to the provision of defense counsel to insureds by liability insurers; providing a civil penalty.   Veto
SB 1713 Relating to the carrying of weapons by peace officers and by special investigators.   Veto

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