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Committee: House Human Services
Title: Interim Report
Subjects: Border issues | Child abuse prevention | Child Protective Services | Coronavirus | Data management | Family and Protective Services, Texas Department of | Family preservation | Federal funds | Healthy Texas Women | Long-term care | Managed care | Medicaid | Medicare | Senior citizens | Services for persons with disabilities | Unaccompanied minors | Undocumented immigrants |
Library Call Number: L1836.87 H88
Session: 87th R.S. (2021)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Monitor the impact of children, including unaccompanied minors, crossing the Texas-Mexico border on the Department of Family and Protective Services child protective services programs. Consider ways to encourage consistent, transparent, and timely review of abuse and neglect of these children. Consider strategies to ensure better coordination and collaboration among local agencies, faith-based organizations, the private sector, non-profits, and law enforcement to reduce the incidence of abuse and neglect fatalities and human trafficking of migrating children. Identify any particularized services that these children will need and assess the costs of providing these services.
2. Review the ongoing development of federal laws, rules, and regulations associated with the distribution of the federal pandemic recovery funds, including reporting requirements, and make recommendations to the House Committee on Appropriations for use of the funds to respond to the Texas-Mexico border crisis.
3. Monitor the agencies and programs under the Committee’s jurisdiction and oversee the implementation of relevant legislation passed by the 87th Legislature. Conduct active oversight of all associated rulemaking and other governmental actions taken to ensure the intended legislative outcome of all legislation, including the following:
  • Legislation implementing the Healthy Families, Healthy Texas initiative, including:
    • HB133, 87th R.S. relating to the provision of benefits under Medicaid and the Healthy Texas Women program; and
    • Relevant provisions of HB 2658, 87th R.S. relating to the administration and operation of the Medicaid managed care program, especially those provisions that relate to continuous eligibility for a child for Medicaid; and
  • HB 3041, 87th R.S. related to the implementation of the Family Preservation Services Pilot Program.
4. Complete study of assigned charges related to the Texas-Mexico border issued in June 2021.
5. Evaluate current prevention and early intervention programs and make recommendations for improving the effectiveness of these programs in reducing child abuse and neglect.
6. Monitor implementation of SB 1, 87th R.S., Rider 30 (Health and Human Services Commission) and make recommendations for reducing the interest list for waiver services for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and reducing associated staffing shortages.
7. Evaluate further action needed to improve the safety and quality of the foster care system, including preventing children in foster care from being without a placement and increasing recruitment of foster families. Identify methods to strengthen Child Protective Services processes and services, focusing on efforts for family preservation and eliminating fatalities within the foster care system. This evaluation should:
  • Study the causes for children without placement;
  • Assess the safety concerns for children without placement, including the use of out-of- state and temporary emergency placement for children without placement; injuries while in the care of Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) employees; and exposure to child sex trafficking; and
  • Study how and why children without placement frequently enter the juvenile justice and adult criminal justice systems and the steps DFPS is taking to identify and prevent these instances.
8. Assess the quality and effectiveness of the DFPS IMPACT system for security, transparency, and accuracy. Review DFPS processes relating to the integrity of digital case management. Evaluate whether DFPS data collection adequately responds to child wellbeing indicators.
9. Examine the long-term services and support system of care in Texas. Study workforce challenges for both institutional and community services. Assess opportunities to improve patient safety at senior living facilities. Consider mechanisms to promote a stable, sustainable, and quality-based long-term care system to address current and future needs of the state.
10. Monitor federal decisions that may impact the delivery and financial stability of the state's health programs, including: the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ rescission of its prior approval of the State’s 1115 Waiver, the state and federal negotiations of the Medicaid directed payment programs (including hospital finance methods), federal changes to the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital Program and the exclusion of certain costs from the uncompensated care program authorized through the 1115 Waiver.
Committee: Joint Aging
Title: Interim Report
Subjects: Aging and Disability Services, Texas Department of | Alzheimer's disease | Long-term care | Medicaid | Medicare | Nursing homes | Senior citizens |
Library Call Number: L1836.83 Ag47
Session: 83rd R.S. (2013)
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Charge: This report should address the charge below.
1. Study issues relating to the aging population of Texas, including health care, income, transportation, housing, education, and employment.
Committee: Senate Health and Human Services
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: Interim report to the 79th Legislature
Subjects: Adult Protective Services | Call centers | Child Protective Services | Children's Health Insurance Program | Databases | Family and Protective Services, Texas Department of | Health care | Hospitals | Immunizations | Indigent health care | Long-term care | Medicaid | Medicaid fraud | Medical Board, Texas | Medicare | Prompt payment of insurance claims | Social service agencies | State government reorganization | Welfare |
Library Call Number: L1936.78 H349
Session: 78th R.S. (2003)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Study and make recommendations on structural reform, efficiency improvements, and cost savings in the state Medicaid and CHIP programs, with a goal of changing the method and delivery of service to reduce costs while providing the intended services. The Committee should examine and make recommendations to: lower institutional costs; subsidize private insurance in lieu of Medicaid and CHIP where possible; use consumer-directed care models; reimburse health care providers based upon outcomes where feasible; match currently unmatched local funds with federal funds; alter Texas' current method of finance and distribution of DSH; develop possible HIFA waiver options that incorporate premium subsidization; develop accountability and incentive measures for outcomes within Medicaid managed care and CHIP; seek flexibility from federal government to allow options and waivers and enhance federal funds; examine local models for delivery of Medicaid while maintaining best practices; and expand access to mental health services through expansion of behavioral health organization model. The Committee will coordinate these studies with the Health and Human Services Transition Legislative Oversight Committee review of mental health and mental retardation services.
2. Monitor implementation and make recommendations to improve HB 2292, 78th R.S.. Include reviews of implementation of the preferred drug list and prior authorization and the new call center for determination of program and service eligibility. The Committee will coordinate activities with the Health and Human Services Transition Legislative Oversight Committee.
3. Study and make recommendations on improving Texas's county and local indigent health care system. Consider whether the system should be regionalized to reflect usage and gain efficiencies, so that one or more counties are not paying for regional health care.
4. Monitor the implementation and make recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of legislation relating to the Board of Medical Examiners, legislation relating to childhood immunizations, legislation relating to the pilot front end Medicaid fraud reduction systems, federal developments related to TANF reauthorization and related programs, expansion and new construction of Federally Qualified Health Centers, federal developments related to prescription drugs in Medicare and the effect on Medicaid. Also, monitor and report on the use of new federal Medicare funds allocated for Texas
5. Study and make recommendations on increasing electronic transactions in health care. Review the use and make recommendations on improving technology in health care administration, including expediting pre-authorizations and increasing the efficiency of claims processing so that medical providers are paid once procedures are pre-authorized and performed, and administrative costs lowered, benefitting both the consumer and the managed health care organizations.
6. Study health facility regulation in Texas and make recommendations that facilitate innovation and patient safety. Concentrate studies on hospitals, including niche hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers and long term care facilities, and make recommendations for improving patient choice, facility competition, indigent health care, and for maintaining a competitive, patient-oriented health care industry.
7. Study and make recommendations on improving the Protective and Regulatory Services service levels payment system and tiered adoption subsidy program. Study and make recommendations on improving the recruitment and retention of foster care families.
Committee: House Human Services
Title: Interim report
Library Catalog Title: House Committee on Human Services, Texas House of Representatives interim report, 2000 : a report to the House of Representatives, 77th Texas Legislature.
Subjects: Americans with Disabilities Act | Bankruptcy | Community care | Disability benefits | Food stamps | Human Services, Texas Department of | Liability insurance | Long-term care | Medicaid | Medicaid eligibility | Medical liability insurance | Medical reimbursements | Medicare | Nursing homes | Persons with disabilities | Services for persons with disabilities | Welfare | Welfare reform |
Library Call Number: L1836.76 h88
Session: 76th R.S. (1999)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Study issues created by the transition of the TANF program to federal law when the state's waiver expires in 2002. Include a review of the final TANF regulations and how other states use TANF funds outside the traditional cash assistance program. Consider policies to improve outcomes for people leaving welfare.
2. Study issues surrounding the financial difficulties experienced by some nursing home companies, including the reasons for bankruptcies and closures, state policies and resources for dealing with them, and impacts on residents.
3. Assess the state's responsibilities and policies regarding supports for individuals with disabilities in community-based settings.
4. Study the current public assistance eligibility, application and review processes, and other Department of Human Services' client communications to ensure that clients are getting the supports necessary to make a successful transition to self-sufficiency.
Committee: House Human Services
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: Interim report of the Committee on Human Services, Texas House of Representatives to the Seventieth Legislative Session, 1986.
Subjects: Assisted living facilities | Child care | Child Protective Services | Criminal records | Long-term care | Medicaid | Medical reimbursements | Medicare | Mental health services | Nursing homes | Poverty | Preferred provider organizations | Privatization | Senior citizens | State employee turnover | Teenage pregnancy | Welfare | Welfare-to-work |
Library Call Number: L1836.69 h88
Session: 69th R.S. (1985)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. To study the Aid to Families with Dependent Children Program (AFDC), including the problems of needy children and their families, the various employment, training and education programs, and other options designed to help Texas families become self-supporting.
2. To study the problems encountered by the elderly in gaining access to appropriate post-hospital health care services, including skilled nursing and custodial services.
3. To study the Child Protective Services Program of the Department of Human Services regarding case workloads and staffing requirements.
4. To study the implementation of criminal background check legislation for child-care workers including the use of federal funds for caregiver training.
5. To study continuing care communities and other options for the well-elderly.
6. To study the problems of preventing unwanted teenage pregnancy, preventing poor parenting by teenagers, and preventing unemployment and poverty in teen-headed families.
7. To study the advantages and disadvantages of the preferred provider insurance plan, with particular emphasis on consideration of quality of services, access to services, cost of care rendered, the effect on existing physician-patient relationships, and a proposed legislative/regulatory structure for such medical care delivery and financing arrangements; in conjunction with Insurance and Public Health Committees.
8. To study the utilization of and potential for further development of privatization of care for the mentally ill and mentally retarded in the State, in conjunction with Appropriations and Law Enforcement committees.
9. To study the impact on Medicare-Medicaid and associated state health and welfare costs of the elimination of the certificate of need process in Texas.
Committee: House Health Care
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: Report of the Texas Health Care Committee to Speaker Gus F. Mutscher and the House of Representatives of the 62nd Legislature.
Subjects: Hospitals | Medicare | Nursing shortages | Rural health care |
Library Call Number: L1836.61 m468
Session: 61st R.S. (1969)
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Charge: This report should address the charge below.
1. Study federal Medicare regulations as they are applied to Class 7-C hospitals in Texas. *

* This represents an abstract of the report contents. Charge text is incomplete or unavailable.

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