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Committee: House Culture, Recreation, and Tourism
Title: Interim Report
Subjects: Aquaculture | Battleship Texas | Gun safety | Historic preservation | Historical Commission, Texas | Historical monuments | Hunting | Oysters | Parks and Wildlife, Texas Department of | Shootings | Tax incentives |
Library Call Number: L1836.86 R245
Session: 86th R.S. (2019)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Monitor the agencies and programs under the Committee's jurisdiction and oversee the implementation of relevant legislation passed by the 86th Legislature. Conduct active oversight of all associated rulemaking and other governmental actions taken to ensure intended legislative outcome of all legislation, including the following:
  • HB 1300 and HB 2321, which relate to the regulation of oyster harvesting and to cultivated oyster mariculture. Monitor the implementation of the cultivated oyster mariculture program, the implementation of increased penalties related to the regulation of oyster harvesting, and the effectiveness of these state laws as related to the protection, conservation, and sustainability of oysters in Texas coastal waters.
  • HB 1422, which is the Texas Historical Commission (THC) sunset legislation. Monitor the implementation and transfer of certain historical sites from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) to the THC, including any additional land acquired by the TPWD and the appropriate coordination with local entities.
  • SB 1511, which requires the TPWD to contract with a nonprofit organization for the operation and maintenance of the Battleship "Texas." Monitor the efforts to restore the Battleship "Texas" consistent with state law and historic preservation guidelines.
2. Evaluate the status of the historical marker application process and the production of cast metal historical markers in the state as overseen by the THC. Examine options for future state historical markers, including technology such as laser etching and durable materials other than metal.
3. Study the effectiveness of hunter education courses with regard to hunters and firearm safety in the state. Explore additional firearm safety resources and their potential use by the TPWD to reduce accidental shootings.
4. Review the effectiveness of the State Historic Preservation Tax Credit on preserving historic structures and revitalizing Texas communities since the tax credit became effective.
5. Monitor the State Auditor's review of agencies and programs under the Committee's jurisdiction. The Chair shall seek input and periodic briefings on completed audits for the 2019 and 2020 fiscal years and bring forth pertinent issues for full committee consideration.
Committee: Senate Agriculture, Rural Affairs, and Homeland Security
Title: Interim Report
Subjects: Agriculture | Aquaculture | Diet and nutrition | Droughts | Fire prevention | Firing ranges | Food safety | Food stamps | Grain elevators and warehouses | Horse slaughter | Horses | Land conservation | Obesity | Ranches and ranching | Rural areas | Small farms | Texas A&M AgriLife Research | Veterinarians | Water conservation |
Library Call Number: L1836.82 Ag86r
Session: 82nd R.S. (2011)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Review the impact of the drought on the Texas agricultural and ranching industry.
2. Develop methods and legislative recommendations to minimize the effects of drought and respond to the challenges for farmers and ranchers.
3. The committee should focus on the following:
  • Implementation of best management practices for agricultural conservation
  • Alternatives to federal assistance due to drought losses
  • Long-term economic impact of the drought on the agricultural sector of the Texas economy
  • Better management of federal, state, and local parkland/preserve-land to reduce fire risk, including cooperative fire mitigation efforts with surrounding properties and neighborhoods
  • Analysis of Texas forest service and land management recommendations and options from other states for mitigating risk
4. Study and make recommendations for ways to increase investment, employment and production in Texas agriculture. Include a review of current land use and market trends as they relate to agricultural use and make recommendations for ways to support and enhance small farm and ranch operations.
5. Study current federal, state and local safeguards regarding seafood consumption in Texas. Review existing academic studies, and federal, state, and private data relating to the safety of imported seafood, and provide recommendations on the need for additional studies and testing related to safety advisories for the public.
6. Assess the current veterinary medical workforce, and make recommendations to address any disparities between small animal (companion) and large animal (food/fiber) veterinarians. Review the Rural Veterinary Medical Loan program (RVML) and make recommendations to enhance the use of RVML funds and other funding sources to increase the veterinary medical workforce.
7. Review the impact of state laws relating to the closure of horse slaughter facilities across the United States. Analyze the impact on the equine industry and agricultural sector of the Texas economy.
8. Examine ways to increase the use of Texas agricultural products in healthy foods readily available to Texas consumers. Evaluate the role of community initiatives in reducing obesity and diet-related diseases and make recommendations to support state and local efforts.
9. Monitor the implementation of legislation addressed by the Senate Committee on Agriculture & Rural Affairs, 82nd Legislature, Regular and Called Sessions, and make recommendations for any legislation needed to improve, enhance, and/or complete implementation. Specifically, monitor the implementation and effects of current and proposed federal laws and regulations, including Environmental Protection Agency initiatives that may impact the Texas farming and ranching industry.
Committee: Senate Natural Resources
Title: Interim Report - Texas aquaculture industry
Library Catalog Title: Interim report to the 75th Legislature : Texas aquaculture industry.
Subjects: Aquaculture |
Library Call Number: L1836.74 aq31
Session: 74th R.S. (1995)
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Charge: This report should address the charge below.
1. Study the Texas aquaculture industry and determine if additional regulation is necessary due to discharge into state bays and estuaries.
Committee: House Agriculture and Livestock
Title: Interim report
Library Catalog Title: Report of the Committee on Agriculture and Livestock : to the speaker and members of the Texas House of Representatives, 72nd Legislature.
Subjects: African honey bees | Agriculture | Animal diseases | Aquaculture | Border economy | Border environment | Border health | Border transportation | Colonias | Economic development | Exotic species | Fire ants | Food safety | Hazardous substances | Hazardous waste | Insects | International trade | Livestock | Pesticides | Rio Grande River | Rural areas | Rural issues | Solid waste disposal | Truck traffic | Water rights | Water supplies |
Library Call Number: L1836.71 ag83
Session: 71st R.S. (1989)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. To study the promotion of the exotic livestock industry and potential public necessity of governmental regulation thereof.
2. To study international agriculture (joint study with State, Federal and International Relations Committee).
3. To study exotic pests and their impact on Texas agriculture.
4. To study nutrition education and food safety.
5. To study pesticide disposal.
6. To study agricultural economic diversification and development in rural areas.
7. To study the economic development opportunities of the aquaculture industry and the regulatory responsibilities of the State.
Committee: Senate Natural Resources
Title: Interim report
Library Catalog Title: Interim report to the 71st Legislature / Senate Committee on Natural Resources.
Subjects: Aquaculture | Artificial reefs | Beaches | Coastal erosion | Coastal protection | Colonias | Cotton production | Drinking water | Environmental protection | Exotic species | Fish | Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. | Fishing | Insects | Land conservation | Natural resources conservation | Offshore structures | Property rights | Rivers | Sewer service | Solid waste disposal | Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Program | Texas Open Beaches Act | Water conservation | Water rights | Water supplies |
Library Call Number: L1836.70 n219
Session: 70th R.S. (1987)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Initiate an interim study of a statewide artificial reef plan and further study various uses of abandoned oil and gas rigs. Give careful consideration to reef design, preparation, and component grouping and spacing, siting, and fisheries resource management and analyze and compare biological effectiveness, cost factors, and long-term benefits for various design options and preparation techniques.
2. Review proposals for a protection system for Texas rivers, similar to the federal Wild and Scenic rivers program. *
3. Study current efforts to control the boll weevil in Texas, including integrated pest management (IPM) programs. *
4. Review the problems associated with colonias; make recommendations for legislative action to halt the growth of illegal subdivisions and to provide water and sewer service to existing developments. *
5. Study the issues associated with aquaculture and fish farming. *
6. Study coastal erosion; consider the advantages, disadvantages and economic impacts of beach erosion control methodologies. *
7. Review the definitions of wetlands used by state and federal government agencies. Study the potential impact on wetlands management of the definition used in the Fish and Wildlife Service's National Wetlands Inventory project. *
Committee: House Agriculture and Livestock
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: Interim study report of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee, Texas House of Representatives, 66th Legislature.
Subjects: Agricultural labor | Agriculture | Agriculture, U.S. Department of | Alternative energy | Animal Health Commission, Texas | Aquaculture | Biofuels | Brucellosis | Cotton production | Forestry | Grain elevators and warehouses | Livestock | Migrant labor | Railroads | Undocumented immigrants |
Library Call Number: L1836.66 ag83
Session: 66th R.S. (1979)
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Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. Study grain marketing practices, to determine if Texas producers can improve their positions in the marketplace.
2. Study the procedures used in forward contracting and the commodities futures market to determine the need for bonding provisions.
3. Review all import and export laws relating to livestock and agricultural produce and determine the need, if any, for closer scrutiny of the importation of certain commodities.
4. Study cotton warehousing in Texas with specific attention to alleged delays in service by the industry, the status of domestic and foreign markets, and the adequacy of current laws as it deals with cotton warehousing.
5. Study the current status of laws relating to agricultural labor relations, including the issue of illegal alien labor, and recommend needed changes.
6. Determine if state efforts are needed to preserve forest land, to promote conservation of both soil and forest crops, and to improve timber production.
7. Review all available information concerning nonresident alien ownership of agricultural land with consideration to establishing a register of alien property owners in Texas. A determination of the effects of alien ownership on the local and state economy should also be made.
8. Investigate the discontinuation of service by the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific rail lines in the Texas Panhandle; to study the economic impact of the loss of rail transportation on industry of the area and the state; and to determine if any actions can be taken to insure the continued transportation of agricultural commodities to market by rail.
9. Continue the cataloging of information on mariculture and determine the economic impact of mariculture on the state.
10. Study all available energy resources usable for agricultural production, particularly the development of gasohol, wind, solar, and biomass conversion. Monitor and disseminate information on gasohol plants in operation today, and study alternatives to market by-products of gasohol plants.
11. Monitor the activities and assist the Animal Health Commission and the United States Department of Agriculture in matters pertaining to the Texas Brucellosis Program. Review all laws pertaining to livestock and enforced by the Animal Health Commission; codify these laws to delete unnecessary provisions.
Committee: House Agriculture and Livestock
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: Report of the Committee on Agriculture and Livestock, Texas House of Representatives, 65th Legislature.
Subjects: Agriculture | Alternative energy | Aquaculture | Eminent domain | Energy policy | Grain elevators and warehouses | International trade | Livestock | Property rights |
Library Call Number: L1836.65 ag83
Session: 65th R.S. (1977)
Online version: View report [65 pages  File size: 2,161 kb]
Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. A study of the systems and techniques used by grain storage elevators with particular emphasis on safety techniques currently proposed or in operation to prevent explosions and related disasters.
2. Review the procedures involved in the importation and exportation of livestock. *
3. A study of the power of eminent domain as it relates to land use for agricultural purposes.
4. A study and evaluation of alternate sources of energy for agricultural use and production.
5. A comprehensive evaluation of the current and projected problem areas encountered in developing both a healthy economic climate conducive to commercial mariculture and a viable market for the products of such ventures. The scope of the study shall include, but not be limited to, the problems of issuance of permits, taxation, economics of operations, market development, and the underutilization of current resources.
Committee: House Environmental Affairs
Title: Interim Report
Library Catalog Title: A compilation of interim reports to the sixty-sixth legilative session, Texas House of Representatives.
Subjects: Air Control Board, Texas | Aquaculture | Clean Air Act | Commercial fishing | Fisheries | Fishing | General Land Office, Texas | Outdoor recreation | Parks and Wildlife, Texas Department of | Recycling | Solid waste disposal | State parks |
Library Call Number: L1836.65 h816 2
Session: 65th R.S. (1977)
Online version: View report [78 pages  File size: 3,886 kb]
Charges: This report should address the charges below.
1. A study of developing federal policies regarding park development, and explore a multigovernmental approach to park development and operation.
2. A study of the saltwater fishing industry in order to enhance the environment for the production, harvesting, and marketing of aquatic products and to safeguard the Texas fishing and tourist industries.
3. Oversight responsibility of agency expenditures and related transactions. This function shall encompass a review and monitoring of all appropriations-related actions of those agencies assigned to this committee for appropriative purposes during the 65th Regular Session of the Legislature, to wit: Air Control Board General Land Office and Veterans' Land Board Parks and Wildlife Department Board of Managers of Texas State Railroad
4. A study of the public and private involvements in resource recovery operations.

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