61st Regular Session

Joint Committees
Agricultural Land Assessment   Reports
Attraction of New Industry  
Beach Study   Reports
Consumer Credit  
Delinquent Ad Valorem Tax   Report
Efficiency and Economy   Report
Faculty Compensation   Reports
Land Use and Environmental Control   Reports
Livestock Marking and Branding  
Lunar Landing Commission  
Mental Health and Mental Retardation Law  
Natural Fibers and Textile Development   Report
Poet Laureate Selection, Special  
Preschool Education Standards   Reports
State and Local School Disricts Financial Relationship (Committee of Eighteen)  
State and Local Tax Policy  
Taxation of Farm, Ranch and Forest Lands  
Uninsured Motorists' Coverage   Reports
Water Resources Study   Reports
Senate Committees
Agricultural Potential for the '70s   Report
Agriculture and Industry  
Agriculture and Livestock  
Automatic Data Processing  
Automobile Insurance Rates   Report
Commerce and Industry  
Constitutional Amendments  
Consumer Protection   Reports
Contingent Expense  
Corporate Farming, Livestock Feeding and Ranching Operations  
County, District, and Urban Affairs  
Drug Study   Reports
Election Law   Report
Federal Programs and Relations  
General Investigating  
Historical and Recreational Sites  
Insurance   Report
Insurance Holding Company and Mortgage Loan   Reports
Interstate Cooperation  
Labor and Management Relations  
Legislative, Congressional, and Judicial Districts  
Liquor Laws  
Military and Veterans Affairs  
Motion Picture Theater Industry   Reports
Oil and Gas  
Parks and Recreation   Report
Parks and Wildlife  
Penal Servitude and Parole   Reports
Pipeline   Reports
Privileges and Elections  
Public Health   Report
Public Utility Commission   Report
Rules of the Senate  
State Affairs   Reports
State Departments and Institutions  
Tort Claims Act   Report
Urban Affairs   Reports
Vocational-Technical Education   Reports
Water and Conservation  
Welfare Reform   Reports
Youth Affairs   Reports
House Committees
Automatic Data Processing in State Government   Reports
Bail Bond Business Regulation   Reports
Banking Study   Reports
Banks and Banking  
Bexar County State Office Building   Reports
Commerce and Manufacturing  
Common Carriers  
Congressional and Legislative Districts  
Conservation and Reclamation  
Constitutional Amendments  
Cosmetology and Hairdressing   Reports
County Government   Report
Criminal Jurisprudence  
Criminal Law  
Data Processing and Printing  
Desalination of Water  
Economizing in State Government  
Election Code   Report
Enrolled and Engrossed Bills  
Extended School Year   Reports
Facility for the Criminally Insane   Reports
Federal Relations  
Foundations   Reports
Franchising and Multi-level Distributorships   Reports
General Investigating  
Governmental Affairs and Efficiency  
Harris County State Office Building   Reports
Health Care   Report
Higher Education  
Highways and Roads  
Historical Preservation, Special   Reports
House Administration  
House Office  
Housing of Artifacts Found Off Padre Island   Reports
Imported Fire Ant Study   Report
Insurance   Report
Interim Activities  
Interstate Cooperation  
Judicial Districts  
Judiciary   Reports
Juvenile Crime and Deliquency  
Labor Surplus  
Legislators' Duties, Responsibilities, Compensation and Ethics (Commission of 100)  
Liquor Regulation  
Management Practices in State Government  
Mass Transportation   Report
Mental Health and Mental Retardation  
Military Affairs  
Milk and Milk Products   Report
Motor Transportation  
Multi-State Tax Compact, Special  
Narcotics Investigating  
Nursing Homes  
Oceanography   Reports
Oil and Gas Resource Conservation  
Oil, Gas and Mining  
Old Age Assistance  
Parking and Traffic   Reports
Parks and Wildlife  
Parks and Wildlife Management in Other States  
Private Vocational-Technical Education  
Psychiatric Problems of Youth   Reports
Public Education  
Public Health  
Public Lands and Buildings  
Recreational Water Safety   Reports
Revenue and Taxation  
Rules of Order and Decorum of the House   Reports
School Districts  
State Affairs   Report
State Contracting Procedures, Interim   Report
State Finance  
Texas-Mexico Friendship  
Traffic Safety and Fire Protection in Houston Ship Channel   Reports
Urban Affairs  
Youth   Report