Today's Committee Meetings on the LRL website is a calendar of interim committee hearings with links to agendas. The following may be helpful resources for upcoming hearings.

March 5th
House Committee on Defense and Veterans' Affairs
Charge 1: Current role of Texas' state military forces and ways to increase their accountability and effectiveness
Joint Committee on Human Trafficking
Topic: Implementation of anti-human trafficking legislation passed by the 82nd Legislature; and update from the Texas Human Trafficking Prevention Task Force
March 6th
House Committee on Corrections
Charge 1:  Implementation of SB 653 (82R), which created the Texas Juvenile Justice Department; integration of the Texas Youth Commission and the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission
Charge 2:  Reducing the number of youth referred to the juvenile justice system; availability of mental health services, diversion and early intervention programs, and other prevention methods
Charge 3:  Certification of juveniles as adults
March 8th
House Committee on Ways & Means
Charge 2:  Reviews of appraisal district operations through the Comptroller's Methods Assistance Program (MAP) and whether appraisal districts are applying uniform standards and procedures for the appraisal of property for ad valorem tax purposes as required by the Texas Constitution
Topic: E-Z computation and rate of the revised franchise tax
Topic: Current methods of apportionment of the revised tax