Since the end of Prohibition, Texas has allowed the sale of alcoholic beverages under a three-tiered system intended to prevent close ties between manufacturers and retailers.  Businesses in each tier are licensed by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.   
In recent years, the growing number of craft breweries and distilleries has prompted calls for changes to the regulatory system to provide more opportunities for small producers to reach consumers.  At the same time, court rulings have challenged some aspects of Texas' regulation of alcoholic beverages. 
The current state of alcoholic beverage regulation in Texas and other states is explored in a number of recent reports:
None of these bills passed, but there is no shortage of speculation that changes to Texas' alcoholic beverage laws will again be considered during the 2013 legislative session.  Here are a few news stories which discuss issues related to alcoholic beverage regulation:
You can find bills related to alcoholic beverage regulation filed for the 83rd Regular Session under the subject "Alcoholic Beverage Regulation" at Texas Legislature Online.