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O.P. Carrillo Impeachment Collection

Impeachment proceedings
A new collection on the LRL website provides access to reports, transcripts, minutes, and other documents related to the impeachment of Judge O.P. Carrillo in 1976. Included are a brief summary of the impeachment process; links to the minutes of the House Select Committee on Impeachment and 16 volumes of transcripts; the House Journal proceedings and transcripts; the Senate proceedings; and the 29 volumes of material from the Judicial Qualifications Commission Inquiry. The library would like to thank the Texas State Law Library and the Harlingen Public Library for their participation in this project.
For additional resources on the impeachment process, please see our previous blog post.

Impeachment Resources

Technically, 'impeachment' is the process of accusation, analogous to a criminal indictment, and must be followed by trial and conviction for removal. The entire procedure is customarily called impeachment. Texas Constitution Art. XV, Sec. 1 vests the power of impeachment in the Texas House of Representatives. Impeachment of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Commissioner of the General Land Office, Comptroller and the Judges of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and District Court shall be tried by the Senate (Texas Constitution Art. XV, Sec. 2).
  • For a discussion of the process for removal of state officers by the Texas Legislature, please see the following 1987 memo by the Texas Legislative Council. The statutes referenced throughout the memo are now located in Government Code Ch. 665.
  • The Library's database of legislative reports contains several reports related to impeachment. These detail previous investigations on charges of impeachment as well as procedural matters.
  • Additional materials on the rules and procedures relating to impeachment are listed on the Library's Parliamentary Resources page.
  • For analysis and legal background of Texas Constitution Article XV, Impeachment, please see The Constitution of the State of Texas: an annotated and comparative analysis, (George D. Braden et al.) starting on p. 707.