Interim Hearings - Week of September 12
Today's Committee Meetings on the LRL website is a calendar of interim committee hearings with links to agendas. Below are resources related to upcoming Interim Hearings.
September 12 Top
Senate Committee on Higher Education
Charge: Regional workforce needs in the state, baccalaureate degrees at public community colleges
Charge: Implementation of legislation, specifically:
  1. Initiatives designed to create effective, clear transfer pathways for students, including the newly enacted multidisciplinary studies associate degree
  2. Implementation and progress of the Math and Science Scholars Loan Repayment Program
  3. Progress of pilot program enacted by the 83rd Legislature relating to improving student loan default rates and financial aid literacy among postsecondary students
September 13 Top
House Committees on Defense & Veterans' Affairs and Higher Education (Joint Hearing) 
Joint charge: Hazlewood Act
House Select Committee on State & Federal Power & Responsibility
Charge 1: Extent to which state regulation and policy are influenced by mandates attached to federal funding
Charge 2: Resolutions approved by the Legislature during recent legislative sessions calling on the federal government to take certain actions, and actions taken
Charge 3: Texas statutes prohibiting or restricting investment in foreign nations
Topic: Article V
Senate Committee on Education
Charge: Digital learning, school broadband access
Charge: Monitor implementation of legislation, specifically legislation to establish criteria for alternative measures of assessments to meet high school graduation requirements
Senate Committee on Health & Human Services
Charge: Monitor implementation of legislation and riders, including but not limited to:
  • The impact of changes made by the Department of Family and Protective Services, Child Protective Services on child safety, workforce retention, prevention, and permanency;
  • Initiatives to reduce Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse, and other cost containment strategies, including examining the processes and procedures used by managed care organizations to address Medicaid fraud, waste and abuse; and
  • The consolidation and expansion of women's health programs at the Health and Human Services Commission.
Charge: Impact of the Section 1115 Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program Waiver; other mechanisms to control costs and increase quality and efficiency in the Medicaid program, including the pursuit of a block grant or a Section 1332 Medicaid State Innovation Waiver
September 14 Top
Joint Legislative Committee on Health & Human Services Transition, Oversight
Charge: Short-term lending industry in Texas, consumer access to credit, consumer protections
Charge 2: Family law and parent-child relationship statutes and application of foreign law
Charge 3: Self-represented litigants
Charge 5: Implementation of expedited action provisions of HB 274, 82nd Legislature, R.S.
Senate Committee on Education
Charge: School choice, education savings account and tax credit scholarship programs
Charge: Monitor implementation of legislation, specifically:
Senate Committee on State Affairs  
Charge: Guardianships 
Charge: Public integrity unit under authority of Texas Rangers 
Charge: Practice of using public funds and employees for the payment processing of union dues 
Senate Committee on Transportation
Topic: Overview and update from the Texas Department of Transportation, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, and the Texas Department of Public Safety
Charge: New and anticipated revenue appropriated to the Texas Department of Transportation and recommendations that address project prioritization and selection, effectiveness of staffing levels and project delivery methods
Charge: Monitor implementation of legislation, specifically:
1.      Progress of the Texas Department of Transportation's efforts to propose a plan to eliminate toll roads
2.      Removing eminent domain authority from private toll corporations
3.      Ending the issuing of any new debt from the Texas Mobility Fund (TMF) and prohibiting future use of the TMF on toll projects
September 15 Top
Senate Committee on Finance                 
Charge: Monitor implementation of legislation, specifically:
  1. Tax relief provided to property owners
  2. Gradual phase out of the franchise tax
  3. Support for and the enhancement of graduate medical education
  4. Efforts of the Department of Information Resources (DIR) to modernize the technology of state agencies
  5. Implementation of required changes to state agency contracting, purchasing, and accounting procedures
  6. Monitor the implementation of Health and Human Services Commission Rider 50

Senate Select Committee on Texas Ports
Topic: Economic impact that inland waterways, coastal ports and inland ports have on the state economy
Topic: Future impact that the Panama Canal expansion will have on Texas ports