Today's Committee Meetings on the LRL website is a calendar of interim committee hearings with links to agendas. Below are resources related to upcoming Interim Hearings.

October 9

House Committee on Redistricting (Fort Worth) 

Topic: 2021 legislative redistricting process and 2020 Census data


October 10

House Select Committee on Mass Violence Prevention & Community Safety (Farmers Branch) 


(1) Examine options for strengthening enforcement measures for current laws that prevent the transfer of firearms to felons and other persons prohibited by current law from possessing firearms

(2) Examine impediments and challenges to the timely reporting of relevant criminal history information and other threat indicators to state and federal databases

(3) Examine the role of digital media and technology in threat detection, assessment, reporting, and prevention, including the collaboration between digital media and law enforcement

(4) Evaluate the ongoing and long-term workforce needs of the state related to cybersecurity, mental health, law enforcement, and related professionals

(5) Evaluate current protocols and extreme risk indicators used to identify potential threats and consider options for improving the dissemination of information between federal, state, and local entities and timely and appropriate intervention of mental health professionals


House Committee on Redistricting (Dallas) 

Topic: 2021 legislative redistricting process and 2020 Census data