Allowing concealed handguns on college campuses is a topic that has been hotly debated in Texas and in other states.  The issue has come up again this session, and the Texas Legislature has introduced 6 bills on the subject to date. To view a list, use the bill search feature of the Texas Legislature Online and select subject criteria: Education--Higher--Institutions & Programs (I0223), and CONCEALED HANDGUNS (S0241).
Here are a few current stories that provide detailed information about the issue in Texas:
·        "Texas poised to pass bill allowing guns on campus." Associated Press, carried by The Dallas Morning News, February 20, 2011.
·        "Possible campus gun law spurs questions from area school officials." The Longview News-Journal, February 23, 2011.
·        "UT chancellor warns against guns on campus." The Austin American-Statesman, February 26, 2011.
·        "Aggies reject guns on campus". The Bryan Eagle, March 2, 2011.
·        "Texans divide over guns on campus." The Wall Street Journal, March 3, 2011.
Texas law on concealed handguns is available via the Texas Department of Public Safety (last updated Nov. 2010).
Currently, Utah is the only state that allows concealed handguns on campus. The Supreme Court of Utah issued an opinion, clarifying the statutes that allow concealed handguns on campuses.
To learn more about various state weapons laws on college campuses, try the National Conference of State Legislatures, which provides "Guns on Campus: Overview" and "Guns on Campus: Resources."