June 19 was the last day the governor could sign, veto or allow to become law without his signature bills passed during the 82nd Regular Session. When the deadline had passed, the governor had vetoed 24 bills (not including the line-item vetoes on H.B. 1, the General Appropriations Act), signed 1,458 bills and filed 27 bills without his signature.

Texas Constitution, Article IV, Section 14 states that if the governor disapproves (vetoes) a bill after the session has adjourned, he or she is required to give notice in the form of a proclamation. We've collected the veto proclamations issued by Governor Perry for the 82nd Regular Session and made them available on our

In addition, our
Vetoed Bills, 1846-2011 page provides access to vetoes and veto proclamations from earlier sessions, back to the 1st Regular Session (1846).