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Interim Hearings - Week of April 9, 2012

Today's Committee Meetings on the LRL website is a calendar of interim committee hearings with links to agendas. The following may be helpful resources for upcoming hearings.
April 10th

Senate Committee on Business & Commerce

Topic: Quarterly updates from selected state agencies and entities

Charge: Workforce training programs in Texas, whether such programs target economic growth areas and future workforce needs of the health care, skilled trades, construction, manufacturing, aerospace, and information technology industries and help retain workers in those trades and fields

Charge: Licensing and regulation of occupations to ensure protection of public welfare, trust, health, and safety, and eliminate unnecessary, overly restrictive, or anti-competitive regulation, study guidelines and other states' approaches

April 11th

House Committee on Public Health

Charge: Health registries maintained by the state, including the similarities and differences in reporting, consent, security, and portability of data.

Charge: Operations and functions of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners

Senate Committee on Criminal Justice 

Charge: Money laundering; enhancing efforts to enforce money laundering laws

Charge: Long-term stability of the Crime Victims Compensation Fund; its purpose and funding; its impact on victim organization


Senate Committee on Higher Education

Charge: Transfer systems between public junior colleges and universities, including transfer of credit; the impact of accrediting associations on course credit transfer

Senate Committee on Natural Resources

Charge 1: Effects of recent and anticipated Environmental Protection Agency rules on (1) electric reliability in Texas, (2) affordability of electricity in Texas, and (3) competitiveness of energy intensive sectors of the Texas economy, recommendations to reduce regulatory burden and maintain a business?friendly climate; specifically, study the following:

Charge 5: Impact of federal environmental regulations on electric generation capacity, amount of electric generation capacity likely to voluntarily be retired, incentives to promote retirement, including the effect on electricity rates

Forecasting coal and natural gas fuel prices for the next 15 years

April 12th

Senate Committee on Intergovernmental Relations

Charge: Statutory oversight granted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regarding the financial feasibility of bonds issued by special purpose districts, whether changes in oversight structure are needed

Charge: Reducing local government procurement costs, assessment of the costs and benefits of electronic notices for bid notices

Charge: Implementation of legislation in the 82nd Legislature, Regular and Called Sessions, specifically, monitor the codification of Senate Bill 1234, municipal management districts and the use of the "standardized language"


Charge: Role of Texas state military forces in enhancing the safety of Texans, recommendations for improving the coordination, accountability, and effectiveness of all components of our state military forces


Charge: Progress of Texas Department of Public Safety's Driver License Division efforts to enhance drivers license processing

Charge: Impact of border violence and illegal trafficking on the Texas economy