Figuring out how to cite sources, especially legislation, often can be a challenge. The LRL has several guides that can help you properly form legal citations.

  • The Greenbook: Texas Rules of Form, 13th edition, by the Texas Law Review, provides guidelines and examples for citing Texas legal authorities. The book describes how to cite constitutional documents, statutes, municipal laws, revisor’s notes, agency materials, historical resources, and more. See our legal citations to legislation post for some Greenbook tips about citing session laws, unenacted bills, and concurrent and joint resolutions.
  • Note that a different citation method is available in the Texas Legislative Council Drafting Manual. (Available online and in print at the library)
  • Legal scholars and practitioners will know that The Greenbook is meant to be a supplement to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th edition 2015), which provides a more comprehensive view of legal citation and may answer questions not covered in The Greenbook. In cases where you are citing Texas authorities and The Greenbook conflicts with The Bluebook’s guidelines, you should use The Greenbook’s form. 

These manuals are available for checkout at the LRL.