The Library is continually adding new books to its collection. Below are the six titles from our November 2017 New & Noteworthy list

Check out and delivery of New & Noteworthy titles is available to legislative staff in Capitol and District offices. To arrange check out and delivery of any of these items, you can submit an online request through the New & Noteworthy page on our website, contact the library at 512-463-1252, or use our PDF request form.


1. Final Results of Sunset Reviews, 2016-2017
By Sunset Advisory Commission
Summarizes actions taken by the 85th Legislature on the 24 entities recently reviewed by the Sunset Commission including, for the first time, river authorities. Reports 80 percent of the Commission's 252 statutory recommendations were enacted, which will result in $5.8 million in savings over the next five years. Includes a chart that lists the Sunset bill number, bill author, fiscal impact, and final action taken on the entities reviewed.
Sunset Advisory Commission, 2017. 52 pages.
Online at:
S1500.8 AN79 2017



2. Procedures Manual for Joint Committees
By Texas Legislative Council
Outlines procedures for joint committees relating to budget and account administration, committee and staffing contracts, administrative support, and committee proceedings. Includes sample forms.
Texas Legislative Council, 2017. 24 pages.
Online at:
L1400.5 P758 2017



3. The House Will Come to Order: How the Texas Speaker Became a Power in State and National Politics
By Patrick Cox
Documents the development of the office of the Speaker of the Texas House of Representative into one of power and prestige. Uses material from interviews with twelve former Speakers. Traces the office of the Speaker from 1846 through 2009.
University of Texas Press, 2010. 254 pages.
328.764 C839H 2010



4. Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares: Black Leadership in Texas, 1868-1898
By Merline Pitre
Presents a third edition of Merlene Pitre's in-depth examination of African-American legislators in Texas after the Civil War, with an updated preface and extended appendices. Profiles Matthew Gaines, George T. Ruby, Richard Allen, Robert Lloyd Smith, and Norris Wright Cuney in particular, and includes rosters of black legislators of Texas, black legislators' committee assignments, black legislators who were delegates at Republican national conventions, a summary of the background of Texas black politicians (1868-1900), a roster of 20th century black legislators, and a 30-year comparison of 19th and 20th century legislators.
Texas A&M University Press, 2016. 296 pages.
976.4 P931T 2016



5. Free Speech on Campus
By Sigal R. Ben-Porath
Explores the precarious balancing act that U.S. college campuses and universities face concerning free speech. Investigates how campuses respond to protests of controversial speakers and the implications of suppressing free speech and expression. Suggests that academic institutions have a responsibility to allow for inclusive freedoms such as freedom of speech, as well as maintaining its mission to educate a diverse student body.
University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017. 128 pages.
371.104 B441F 2017



6. Liberty and Union: The Civil War Era and American Constitutionalism
By Timothy Huebner
Discusses the Civil War as not only a crisis for the country, but also a crisis of the Constitution. Examines how the War revolutionized slavery and sovereignty, both issues the United States had grappled with since its founding. Explores African American advocacy for a culture of constitutionalism throughout the Civil War era.
University Press of Kansas, 2016. 530 pages.
342.73029 H87L 2016



7. Lone Star Unionism, Dissent, and Resistance: Other Sides of Civil War Texas
By Jesus de la Teja
Collects essays on Unionism in Texas during the Civil War, telling the stories of enslaved people, freedmen and freedwomen, Tejanos, German immigrants, and women, whose roles and views on the War have been historically marginalized. Includes a chapter on the development of Confederate memory in Texas through monument building and scholarship.
University of Oklahoma Press, 2016. 258 pages.
976.405 T235L 2016



8. The Midnight Assassin: The Hunt for America's First Serial Killer
By Skip Hollandsworth
Explores the hunt for a serial killer who stalked Austin from 1884 to 1885, describing in vivid detail the city and leading personalities of that time. Explains the cases were never solved but discusses the suspects who came under scrutiny, including a state official and candidate for governor.
Picador, 2017. 321 pages.
364.152 H719M 2015