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  • Review President Trump's adjustments to federal pay increases. (The White House, August 30, 2018)
  • Read about the importance of natural light in the workplace. (Harvard Business Review, September 3, 2018)
  • Explore election laws related to alcohol. (National Conference of State Legislatures, August 23, 2018)
  • Consider the role convention centers play in communities. (Fiscal Notes, August 2018)

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  • "Dual-credit classes serve some students in Texas well. But not all." By Katherine Mangan. Chronicle of Higher Education, August 17, 2018, p. A21.
    Highlights the Texas experience with dual-credit college classes. Presents the findings of studies by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the University of Texas System that show many students are well served but results may be dependent upon other factors. Report at:
  • "Immigration: Crossing continents." Economist, August 25th-31st, 2018, pp. 16-18.
    Reviews the immigration policies and experiences of Sweden, the United Arab Emirates, and America. Proposes four policies that can help maximize the benefits of immigration, minimize its costs, and boost public support for it.
  • "Hate in schools." By Francisco Vara-Orta. Education Week, August 22, 2018, pp. 1, 16-20.
    Examines how hate-related and bias incidents are affecting students, educators, and school climate in K-12 schools. Notes most students targeted by hate incidents attend schools in suburban areas.
  • "Labor's last stand: Unions must either demand a place at the table or be part of the meal." By Garret Keizer. Harper's Magazine, September 2018, pp. 23-32.
    Discusses recent United States Supreme Court rulings on organized labor and the political debate about public-sector labor unions. Considers current challenges in the labor movement in the Trump era, and the economic relationship between capital and labor.
  • "Medicaid/CHIP participation reached 93.7 percent among eligible children in 2016." By Jennifer M. Haley, et al. Health Affairs, August 2018, pp. 1194-1199.
    Reports that children's participation in Medicaid/CHIP rose between 2013 and 2016 to reach 93.7 percent, but that growth has slowed since 2016.
  • "One year after the storm: Texas Gulf Coast residents’ views and experiences with Hurricane Harvey recovery." By Liz Hamel, et al. Internet Resource, August 2018, pp. 1-53 (Note Length).
    Measures Gulf Coast residents' challenges with housing, financial assistance, health care, and mental health after Hurricane Harvey, and examines views on priorities and preparedness moving forward. Notes that most affected residents say they have not received financial assistance, or that the financial help they have received will cover very little of their losses.
  • "Work requirements for health coverage." By Andy Slavitt. JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), August 28, 2018, pp. 746-747.
    Argues that Medicaid work requirements will harm three groups of people: those who work but cannot consistently maintain the required hours, individuals whose disabilities are not recognized by the state, and those who would get lost in the administrative paperwork requirements. Advocates for Montana's approach of linking Medicaid with job training resources.
  • "Supreme Court abandons physical presence standard: An in-depth look at South Dakota v. Wayfair." By Sarah Horn, et al. Journal of MultiState Taxation and Incentives, September 2018, pp. 12-17.
    Considers the practical effects of South Dakota v. Wayfair on state sales tax authority and revenue collection. Discusses state "economic nexus" laws in South Dakota, Florida, and New York, and state reporting and notice requirements for out-of-state sellers. Related information at:
  • "'More important than motorcycles'." By Kevin D. Williamson. National Review, August 27, 2018, pp. 26, 28-29.
    Profiles reality star Jesse James and his move from California to Texas and his new gunsmithing business. Compares the regulatory climates of California and Texas and explains how the gun culture has evolved to a new focus on precision marksmanship popularized by late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and by craftsmen such as James.
  • "The truth about the Second Amendment." By Charles C.W. Cooke. National Review, August 27, 2018, pp. 32, 34-36.
    Reviews the various interpretations of the Second Amendment, from a collective right of states to an individual's right to bear arms, by examining a variety of historical sources.
  • "States make more progress rebuilding rainy day funds." By Barb Rosewicz. Stateline (Pew Charitable Trusts), August 29, 2018, pp. 1-9.
    Compares states' progress in rebuilding and expanding their rainy day funds since the last recession.

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