The Library is continually adding new books to its collection. Below are the seven titles from our September 2019 New & Noteworthy list

Check out and delivery of New & Noteworthy titles is available to legislative staff in Capitol and District offices. To arrange check out and delivery of any of these items, you can submit an online request through the New & Noteworthy page on our website, contact the library at 512-463-1252, or use our PDF request form.


1. Priced Out: The Economic and Ethical Costs of American Health Care
By Uwe Reinhardt
Suggests that approaches to health care funding depend on how one views distributive social ethics—to what extent better-off members of society should assist poorer and/or sicker members of society. Disagrees with those who assert that Medicare and Medicaid are unsustainable models. Outlines the author's suggested plan, a "social solidarity vs. rugged individualism" model.
Princeton University Press, 2019. 201 pages.
362.1 R275P 2019



2. Traveler's Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States
By J. Scott Kappas
Provides an easy-to-understand reference guide compiling gun-related laws for all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. Includes definitions of important terms and statutory language. Features coverage on vehicle carry of firearms, concealed carry and reciprocity for non-resident licensees, and laws governing possession of all types of firearms. Rates each state for its treatment of firearms, noting any changes in "firearms freedom" from the previous year as well as the reason behind the change.
Traveler's Guide, Inc., 2019. 67 pages.
363.33 T697 2019



3. Weather in Texas: The Essential Handbook
By George Bomar
Offers an introductory framework describing how weather functions. Discusses specific weather phenomena such as heavy rains, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Includes numerous charts and maps providing information about average weather conditions and extreme events.
University of Texas Press, 2017. 290 pages.
551.69764 B639W 2017



4. Forecasted Size of Measles Outbreaks Associated with Vaccination Exemptions for Schoolchildren
By David Sinclair
Uses 2018 vaccination rates to evaluate the risk of widespread measles outbreaks occurring in Texas due to increased vaccine exemptions. Reports a 5 percent decrease in the vaccination rate was associated with a 40 - 4,000 percent increase in the potential outbreak size. Suggests that vaccination rates are already low enough in some Texas schools to allow for large measles outbreaks in the Austin and Dallas metropolitan areas.
American Medical Association, 2019. 12 pages.
Online at:
614.47 SI62V 2019



5. Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2018
By Edward R. Berchick, Jessica C. Barnett, and Rachel D. Upton
Presents statistics on health insurance coverage in the U.S. in 2018 and changes in coverage between 2017 and 2018. Reports more than 5 million (17.7 percent) Texas residents were uninsured last year, compared with 4.8 million (17.3 percent) in 2017.
U.S. Census Bureau, 2019. 44 pages.
Online at:
312.0973 P60HC 2019



6. Improving School Safety in Texas
By Governor Greg Abbott
Addresses implementation of recommendations made in the School Safety Action Plan and the subsequent update, both released in 2018 in response to school shooting events in Texas. Discusses strategies for making schools safer and preventing threats in advance. Highlights legislation from the 86th Legislature designed to improve school safety and provide funding for these improvements.
Office of the Governor, 2019. 23 pages.
Online at:
G648.8 SCH65 2019



7. Texas Safety Action Report
By Governor Greg Abbott
Summarizes plans to address public safety in the wake of recent mass shootings in Texas. Details the Governor's eight executive orders related to reporting and responding to suspicious activity and threats. Recommends steps some state agencies may take in the immediate future, and policy changes the Legislature should consider regarding firearm safety and underlying issues related to schools and students.
Office of the Governor, 2019. 14 pages.
Online at:
G648.8 SA17 2019