The Library is continually adding new books to its collection. Below are the titles from our January 2020 New & Noteworthy list

Check out and delivery of New & Noteworthy titles is available to legislative staff in Capitol and District offices. To arrange check out and delivery of any of these items, you can submit an online request through the New & Noteworthy page on our website, contact the library at 512-463-1252, or use our PDF request form.


1. Elderhood: Redefining Aging, Transforming Medicine, Reimagining Life
By Louise Aronson
Examines aging with the goal of changing perceptions and practices in the medical field and giving society a new appreciation for growing old. Draws from anecdotes from the author's personal life and work as a geriatrician, as well as history, science, literature, and popular culture, to provide the perspective that elderhood is simply another unique stage of life with positive and negative facets.
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2019, 449 pages
362.60973 AR67EL 2019



2. The Essential J. Frank Dobie
By Steven L. Davis, editor
Gathers in one volume the "most vital" writings of J. Frank Dobie, an environmentalist, civil rights advocate, folklorist, and writer who has been called the father of Texas literature. Includes pieces that inspired readers to action ranging from establishing what would become Big Bend National Park to saving the Texas Longhorn breed of cattle from extinction. Explores his sometimes controversial opinions on serious political topics, as well as more lighthearted matters like cedar fever.
Texas A & M University Press, 2019, 305 pages
818.5209 D297ES 2019



3. In Pain: A Bioethicist's Personal Struggle with Opioids
By Travis N. Rieder
Recounts the author's devastating experience with opioid dependence and withdrawal that began with a motorcycle accident, followed by multiple surgeries and poor pain management. Examines the inadequacy of the American healthcare system when it comes to managing pain with opioid therapy. Discusses the history of opioids since their invention in the 1800s, the changing attitudes about pain management, and how to improve the treatment of chronic pain in a manner that helps patients but avoids opioid dependence.
Harper, 2019, 297 pages
362.29 R442IN 2019



4. Modernizing the Electric Grid: State Role and Policy Options
By Glen Andersen, Megan Cleveland, and Daniel Shea
Analyzes the current U.S. system of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution, the components of the modern electric grid, and the recent explosion of new technologies, from electric vehicles to energy storage. Recommends policy and regulatory approaches to update the electric grid for a modern energy system. Continues the discussion in an accompanying podcast, Power Play: States Address U.S. Electric Grid.
National Conference of State Legislatures, 2019, 51 pages
Online at:
343.0929 AN23M 2019



5. Redistricting Law 2020
By Michelle Davis, et al.
Explains fundamentals of current redistricting law to assist legislators and their staff with the upcoming redrawing of electoral districts. Addresses ten major legal topics that are applicable to redistricting. Highlights new developments in redistricting law relating to the Voting Rights Act, partisanship, legislative privilege, and population. Includes summaries of each legal topic by chapter, relevant case law from this decade, and historic Supreme Court cases.
National Conference of State Legislatures, 2019, 282 pages
Online at:
328.3345 N2135 2020



6. Regional Differences in the Drugs Most Frequently Involved in Drug Overdose Deaths: United States, 2017
By Holly Hedegaard, et al.
Studies data from the 2017 National Vital Statistics System-Mortality files to compare drugs most frequently involved in drug overdose deaths, grouped by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services regions. Argues that understanding regional differences of drugs used in overdose deaths could assist prevention and policy efforts.
National Center for Health Statistics, 2019, 16 pages
Online at:
362.6 H358 2019