"WHEREAS, There is a close connection between the long growth of civilization and the development of literature; and WHEREAS, It has been customary in all ages for governments to recognize this relation by elevating the poet to the same plane as statesmen and military leaders; and WHEREAS, The recognition of outstanding poets in this State and their elevation to places of honor will have a wholesome and beneficial effect on literature in this State ... "


So was it resolved in SCR 82, 43R, that every two years, “some outstanding and recognized poet, who is a citizen of Texas” would be designated as state poet laureate.


In 2019, the 86th Legislature named Carrie Fountain (HR 903, SR 455) and Emmy Pérez (HR 897SR 456) as the latest poets laureate. Learn about them and other recently honored Texas poets laureate in our display on the north end of the library.