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  • Consider state action related to unregulated water wells. (National Conference of State Legislatures, March 2020)
  • Review Governor Abbott's People 2020 Report to the of Texas. (Office of the Texas Governor, March 9, 2020)
  • Read about legal considerations regarding authority to quarantine communities. (Health Affairs, March 10, 2020)
  • Explore the use of child safety seats in rideshare vehicles. (Texas A&M Transportation Institute, February 25, 2020)

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  • 20.03.31  /  "Solar and wind beat forecasts. Can they again?" By Timmy Broderick. Christian Science Monitor, March 2, 2020, p. 17.
    Documents the growth of renewable energy and considers the forecast for the future. Highlights the Texas situation in which wind briefly overtook coal as a power source in the state.
  • 20.03.32  /  "A shaky start for new data on sex trafficking victims, prenatal drug exposure." By John Kelly. Chronicle of Social Change, March 3, 2020, pp. 1-2.
    Highlights the latest Child Maltreatment report from the federal government, which finds the number of child maltreatment investigations increased by nearly ten percent since 2014. Discusses statistics on human trafficking and prenatal drug exposure in the report. Mentions Texas.
  • 20.03.33  /  "Going nuclear ... or not." By Benjamin J. Hulac. CQ Weekly, February 24, 200, pp. 12-18.
    Explores why the nuclear energy industry in the United States is struggling, while the industry is growing globally overall. Addresses the potential role of nuclear energy in mitigating climate change.
  • 20.03.34  /  "High court leans toward support for religious schools." By Mark Walsh. Education Week, February 12, 2020, pp. 6-7.
    Summarizes oral arguments presented in the United States Supreme Court case Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue on January 29, 2020, a case in which parents are seeking the reinstatement of a tax credit for funding scholarships for use at religious schools.
  • 20.03.35  /  "At what cost? A review of school police funding and accountability across the U.S. South." By Terrence Wilson. IDRA Newsletter (Intercultural Development Research Association), February 2020, pp. 1-2, 6.
    Examines the impact of school police in terms of previous problems at a time when increased funding is bringing more police on campus. Considers whether training and accountability standards are adequate. Offers recommendations for school safety policies.
  • 20.03.36  /  "Telemedicine and pregnancy care." By Gabriela Weigel, Brittni Frederiksen, and Usha Ranji. Internet Resource, February 26, 2020, pp. 1-18.
    Examines how telemedicine is currently used, financed, and regulated for obstetrical care. Outlines federal efforts to expand the use of telemedicine and its role in addressing maternal health disparities and improving outcomes among minority groups and women living in rural areas.
  • 20.03.37  /  "Macroeconomic feedback effects of Medicaid expansion: Evidence from Michigan." By Helen Levy, et al. Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law, February 2020, pp. 5-48 (Note Length).
    Analyzes the state-level fiscal impact of Medicaid expansion, using Michigan as a case study. Reports that Medicaid expansion yielded clear fiscal benefits for the state exceeding the program's costs every year.
  • 20.03.38  /  "The unbuildable American home." By Kevin Erdmann. National Review, March 9, 2020, pp. 30-32.
    Argues against the current "tangled web" of barriers, taxes, and subsidies that make the housing market unaffordable. Advocates for a housing policy based on free and open markets in terms of mortgage-funding and urban land use.
  • 20.03.39  /  "Arbitration law will be 'messy.'" By Joey Berlin. Texas Medicine, March 2020, pp. 8-9.
    Summarizes a panel discussion on physicians' concerns regarding SB1264, 86th Legislature, which addresses balance billing.
  • 20.03.40  /  "Making billing more balanced." By Joey Berlin. Texas Medicine, March 2020, pp. 16-21.
    Describes federal efforts to address out-of-network billing disputes. Considers the influence of state laws on balance billing, including Texas legislation. Quotes Representative Tom Oliverson.
  • 20.03.41  /  "Underwater." By Sophie Novack. Texas Observer, March/April 2020, pp. 40-44.
    Addresses flooding in colonias on the Texas-Mexico border in Hidalgo County and efforts by community organizers to assist residents.
  • 20.03.42  /  "2019 legislation lowdown: What you need to know." By Rusty Adams. Tierra Grande, December 2, 2019, pp. 1-7.
    Summarizes bills relating to real estate that passed during the 86th Legislature.

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