Friday, August 21


Committee Resources

The committees have requested written submissions on the following topics. Below are resources related to those topics.


Charge 2: Monitor the Teacher Retirement System's (TRS) actions in implementing high deductible regional plans for certain school districts interested in providing alternatives to the current TRS-ActiveCare options


Charge 4: Review and evaluate the actuarial soundness of the Employees Retirement System and TRS pension funds. Examine the cost of and potential strategies for achieving and maintaining the actuarial soundness of the funds. Examine the effect the unfunded liabilities could have on the state's credit.  Examine the state's investment policies and practices, including investment objectives, targets, disclosure policies, and transparency.


Charge 5: Monitor the State Auditor's review of agencies and programs under the Committee's jurisdiction.



  • Effects of COVID-19 on industry or business operations
  • Existing statutory and regulatory barriers in responding to COVID-19

Duty (1): Examine options for strengthening enforcement measures for current laws that prevent the transfer of firearms to felons and other persons prohibited by current law from possessing firearms.