87th Legislature, 3rd Called Session Statistics


November 8 was the last day for the Governor to sign or veto enrolled bills from the 87th Legislature, 3rd Called Session.

The following bill statistics were calculated on November 9, 2021, at 8:05 a.m. 


  House Bills (HBs) &
House Joint Resolutions (HJRs)
Senate Bills (SBs) &
Senate Joint Resolutions (SJRs)
Filed 183 66
Reported out of committee 6 14
Passed by chamber of origin 5 12
Referred to committee in opposite chamber 3 11
Reported out of committee in opposite chamber 3 8
Passed opposite chamber 3 8
Sent to governor (bills only) 3 7
Signed by the governor (bills only) 3 7