Recognition months, weeks, and days call attention to special events, health issues, industries, people, and more. Some are codified in Texas Government Code, Chapter 662, and highlighted on our website Texas Holidays and Recognition Days, with options to sort by holiday name, type, month, bill, and session.



Texas legislators also pass resolutions and bills in each session to commemorate certain dates. Below are the recognition months, weeks, and days observed with resolutions and bills by the 87th Legislature, Regular Session and 1st–3rd Called Sessions for the year 2022. Click here to see a list of all the recognition dates from this past session. This list includes all enrolled bills and resolutions with Texas Legislature Online (TLO) subjects:

  • Holidays (I0395)
  • Resolutions--Official Designations--10-Year Significant Dates (I0016)
  • Resolutions--Official Designations--Special Dates (I0721)


Session is 87th Legislature, Regular Session, unless Called Session noted.

National Glaucoma Awareness Month (HR 1511)
January 27: International Holocaust Remembrance Day (HB 2728)

American Heart Month (HR 1743)
Black History Month (HR 1334)
February 1: Lunar New Year (HR 1183)
February 15 (Third Tuesday in February): Texas Game Warden Day (SCR 26)

March 2: Texas Independence Day (HR 1612)
March 10: Histotechnology Professionals Day (SCR 21)

Beach Safety and Rip Current Awareness Month (HCR 46)
National Donate Life Month (HR 1610)
Distracted Driving Awareness Month in Texas (HR 1685)
April 1: Hindu New Year (HR 1228)
April 6: Tejano Day (HCR 67)
April 17: Easter (HR 1609)
April 22: Earth Day (HR 536)

National Mental Health Month (HR 1611)
Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month (HR 920)
May 5: National Day of Prayer in Texas (HR 918)
May 8: Mother's Day (HR 947)
May 21: Armed Forces Day (HR 951)
May 30: Memorial Day (HR 954)

National Dairy Month in Texas (HR 2002)
June 14: Flag Day (HR 1952)
June 19: Father's Day (HR 1687)

Uterine Fibroids Awareness Month (HB 1966)
July 4: Fourth of July (HR 1510)

August (none)

Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month (HR 1500)
September 10: Official State Bison Herd of Texas Day (SR 336)
September 11: Patriot Day (HR 1675)
September 16: National POW/MIA Recognition Day (HR 1504)
September 17: Constitution Day (HR 1502)
September 25: Gold Star Mother's Day (HR 1506)

Mental Health Condition and Substance Use Disorder Parity Awareness Month (HB 2595)
Domestic Violence Awareness Month (HR 13, 87th 2nd C.S.)
Second Week in October: Indigenous Peoples' Week (HCR 62)
October 17 (Third Monday in October): Domestic Violence Survivors' Day (HCR 8, 87th 3rd C.S.)
Last Week in October: Festival of Diwali (HR 1186)

American Diabetes Month (HR 1604)
November 5: Type 1.5 Diabetes Awareness Day (HCR 29)
November 7: Victims of Communism Day (HB 1057)
November 11: Veterans Day (HR 923)
November 17: National Rural Health Day in Texas (HR 1606)
November 25: Thanksgiving (HR 1767)

December 1: Rosa Parks Day (HB 3481)
December 25: Christmas (HR 1608)

Note: Buddy Check Day, 11th Day of Each Month:
"The 11th day of each month is Buddy Check Day to encourage veterans to contact other veterans, including those with whom they served, who may need assistance." (SB 460)

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