As the 87th Legislature draws to a close, a series of end-of-session deadlines begin to take effect. Below is a list of deadlines that occur next week:

  • Wednesday, May 19: Deadline for the House to distribute its last House Local and Consent Calendar with local House bills (HBs).
  • Friday, May 21: Last day for the House to consider local House bills on second and third reading.
    First day the Senate can consider bills and resolutions the first day they are posted on the Senate Notice of Intent Calendar.
  • Saturday, May 22: Last day for House committees to report Senate bills (SBs) and Senate joint resolutions (SJRs).
  • Sunday, May 23: Deadline for the House to distribute its last House Daily Calendar with Senate bills and Senate joint resolutions.

House and Senate calendars are available on the Texas Legislature Online.


Bill statistics for the period of November 9, 2020 — May 7, 2021, are below.

  House Bills (HBs) &
House Joint Resolutions (HJRs)
Senate Bills (SBs) &
Senate Joint Resolutions (SJRs)
Filed 4,834 2,309
Reported out of committee


Passed by chamber of origin 776 618
Referred to committee in opposite chamber 364 599
Reported out of committee in opposite chamber 89 321
Passed opposite chamber 45 45
Signed by the Governor 1 2