The 87th Regular Session ends Monday, May 31. As the end of session nears, many House and Senate members are appointed to conference committees to resolve differences between the versions of a bill passed by their respective chambers. The publication The Legislative Process in Texas provides more information about conference committees.

To see a list of bills for which a conference committee was requested, please click here.

Upon receiving completed conference committee reports, the LRL enters them in the conference committee reports database.


You can also find these reports, as well as a list of the members appointed to a bill's conference committee, in the Texas Legislature Online record for each bill.

For example, when looking at the record with the "History" tab for HB 1, 86th R.S., the House and Senate conferees are listed above the Actions table.


The conference committee report for HB 1 is located on the record with the "Text" tab.


The charts below provide a snapshot of bill statistics for the period of November 9, 2020 — May 28, 2021, as of 8:00 a.m. today.

  House Bills (HBs) &
House Joint Resolutions (HJRs)
Senate Bills (SBs) &
Senate Joint Resolutions (SJRs)
Filed 4,834 2,314
Reported out of committee


Passed by chamber of origin 1,261 672
Referred to committee in opposite chamber 1,157 671
Reported out of committee in opposite chamber 780 576
Passed opposite chamber 608 503
Signed by the Governor 64 78
Filed without the Governor's signature 4 3
Vetoed by the Governor 0 1