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August 4, 2022
House Select Committee on Health Care Reform
Charge: Study the implications of excessive health care costs on the efficacy of Texas Medicaid and the private health insurance market and the resulting impact on individual Texans, businesses, and state government.

Charge: Monitor the implementation of, and compliance with, current price transparency requirements and study ways that the state can support patients and increase competition. Make legislative and administrative recommendations, as appropriate;

Charge: Evaluate innovative, fiscally positive options to ensure that Texans have access to affordable, quality and comprehensive health care, with an emphasis on reaching low-income and at-risk populations. The evaluation should include a study of strategies other states and organizations have implemented or proposed to address health care access and affordability. Make recommendations to increase primary health care access points in Texas.




August 5, 2022
House Committee on Health Care Reform
If the committee does not complete its hearing of all invited testimony scheduled for its August 4th public hearing, it will reconvene after a recess to continue hearing invited testimony only on the posted interim charges.