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Interim Hearings – Week of September 5, 2022

Today's Committee Meetings on the LRL website is a calendar of interim committee hearings with links to agendas. Below are resources related to upcoming Interim Hearings.


September 6, 2022
House Committee on Insurance
Charge: Review existing state laws, administrative regulations, and agency practices to identify barriers to competition in the insurance marketplace. Examine existing business practices in the industry to determine if additional laws or regulations are needed to promote competition, lower premiums, and protect consumers.

  • Review consumer rights and appraisal in automotive and homeowner policies. Review trade industry practices and interaction with insurers and consumers.
  • Review current regulatory landscape for Healthcare Sharing Ministries, County Mutual Insurance Agencies, and Farm Mutual Insurance Agencies.

Charge: Monitor the implementation compliance and enforcement of legislation related to freestanding emergency rooms to determine whether patients are adequately protected and if further safeguards and disclosures are needed.

Charge: Review Texas' insurance anti-rebating laws and model legislation related to rebates. Make recommendations for legislation that would preserve the purpose of the current statute while allowing certain services for and benefits to insurance consumers.




September 8, 2022
House Committee on Appropriations
1. Space Exploration and the Space Economy
Topic: Explore potential state, federal, and industry partnerships to advance the role of Texas in the space economy.

2. Employee Retirement System of Texas
Topic: Provide an overview of the ERS Fund and implementation of SB 321.

3. Teacher Retirement System of Texas
Topic: Provide an overview of the TRS fund, and examine the current status of TRS Care and TRS ActiveCare.

4. Department of Family and Protective Services
Charge 4: Monitor efforts by the Department of Family and Protective Services to implement Section 11, HB 5 (87S2), relating to foster care capacity improvement.

Topic: Examine the current status of children without placement in the State's care.

5. Health and Human Services Commission
Topic: Review the Texas Medicaid Program including the status of the 1115 Waiver, end of the Public Health Emergency, and implementation of HB 133.

Topic: Explore the goals of and eligibility for the Alternatives to Abortion Program and opportunities for enhancing services across the state.


House Committee on Transportation (Brownsville)
Charge: Discuss tools available to reduce the unprecedented increase in fatalities on Texas roads.

Charge: Study policies impacting truck transportation, a key link in the supply-chain, including utilizing state property and right-of-way for natural gas fueling stations and truck parking, the potential shortage of drivers and sellers of commercial trucks, the shortage of truck parking options to accommodate hours of service regulations, and ways to reduce border crossing wait times. Examine regulatory and statutory impediments to connected vehicle and autonomous technologies aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of trucking in Texas.

Charge: Examine the ability of the state’s seaports to promote the public purposes of state economic growth, diversification, and commerce through development of port-owned properties within their boundaries. Review the investments needed for Texas ports to remain competitive in handling increased cargo volumes and ensuring a resilient supply chain.


House Committee on Ways & Means
Charge: Actively oversee associated rulemaking and agency actions to ensure the intended legislative outcome of:

  • HB 2404, relating to creating and maintaining a database of information regarding certain local economic development agreements;
  • SB 2 (86R - the Texas Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019) and related property tax reform legislation passed by the 87th Legislature, including HB 1869, HB 2429, HB 2723, and SB 1438.
  • Monitor legislation relating to reform of the property tax appraisal system, including HB 988, HB 2941, HB 3971, SB 63, SB 916, and SB 1919.

Charge: Study Texas' property tax appraisal system and make appropriate recommendations to improve the appraisal system. The study should include:

  • Assessing the accuracy of appraised values and operational effectiveness of appraisal districts;
  • Evaluating methods of selecting chief appraisers, appraisal review boards, and appraisal district directors;
  • Evaluating existing appraisal protections for taxpayers and ease of taxpayer participation in the appraisal process.

Charge: Conduct a comprehensive review of the impact of not renewing Chapter 313, Tax Code. Evaluate tax incentives offered by other states and make recommendations for incentivizing manufacturers and other capital-intensive businesses to locate to Texas.




September 9, 2022
House Committee on Appropriations
1. Texas Education Agency
Charge 6: Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund Expenditures

2. Higher Education: Access and Affordability
Topic: Examine options for increasing access to and affordability of successfully obtaining post-secondary degrees and credentials.

3. Higher Education: Excellence and Research Funding
Topic: Review current Texas research and endowment funds and explore opportunities for enhanced state investments.

4. Texas Juvenile Justice Department
Topic: Explore the role of appropriations in the agency's current efforts to improve staff recruitment and retention.