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New & Noteworthy Books and Reports: February 2024

In honor of Black History Month, we are highlighting books by or about Black members of the Texas Legislature from our collection. For previous New & Noteworthy lists celebrating Black History Month, click on the following links: 2020, 2019, and 2017.

Below are the titles from our February 2024 New & Noteworthy list.

Check out of New & Noteworthy titles is available to the Texas legislative community. To arrange access to any of these items, you can submit an online request through the New & Noteworthy page on our website or contact the library at 512-463-1252.


1. I'll Learn to Love Again
By Christian Manuel
Traces a fictional multicultural, multigenerational love story whose characters navigate through the challenges of cultural norms and are eventually empowered to learn the true meaning of love, loss, grief, and family ties. Written by Representative Christian Manuel, who was elected to the Texas House of Representatives in November 2022, named Freshman of the Year by the Texas Legislative Black Caucus in 2023, and served as former Representative Joseph Deshotel’s Chief of Staff for a decade.
Xlibris, 2020, 199 pages
813 M294 2020



2. A Historic Bombshell All Wrapped Into One, "The Cinderella Kid," My Life and Times: A History of Blacks in Fort Worth
By Reby Cary
Details former Representative Reby Cary's rise to the Texas House of Representatives as a prominent Black community member from Fort Worth, Texas. Written by Cary, he discusses his work in the Legislature from 1979-1985, his various successful and challenged legislation like the anti-discrimination bill HB 1052, 66th Legislature, R.S., and the struggles he faced fighting for equal rights in Texas. Includes brief accounts of important people, places, and organizations in Fort Worth, focusing on their contributions to improving the Black community.
Includes former Representatives Leonard Edward Briscoe, Glenn Lewis, Garfield Thompson, Marc Veasey, and Bobby Webber.
Library Use Only. Call us or place an online order through the New & Noteworthy website to make arrangements to view this book in the library.
R. Cary, 2008, 277 pages
976.4531 C333H 2008



3. Barbara Jordan: Speaking the Truth with Eloquent Thunder
By Max Sherman, editor
Compiles a collection of speeches by Barbara Jordan, a former State Senator, U.S. Representative, and distinguished professor at The University of Texas at Austin Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs. Focuses on speeches that articulate her values concerning democracy, civil liberties, government ethics, immigration reform, the military, and the U.S. Constitution. Includes a brief biography and context-setting introductions for each speech by editor and former State Senator Max Sherman, her colleague and friend.
University of Texas Press, 2007, 96 pages
923.2764 J761S



4. Barbara Jordan: American Hero
By Mary Beth Rogers
Explores the life of former U.S. Representative Barbara Jordan, from her Southern Baptist roots to her final months. Details Jordan’s journey to the Texas Senate and her rise to the U.S. House of Representatives as the first Black Texas congresswoman, including how her personal experiences influenced her political career. Follows Jordan’s life after political retirement, from her dedicated teaching to her battle with leukemia. Highlights the lasting impact that Jordan’s political advocacy had for both women and Black Americans.
Bantam Books, 1998, 414 pages
923.2764 J761R 1998



5. Time of Hope, Time of Despair: Black Texans During Reconstruction
By James Smallwood
Examines the first decade of Black freedom during Reconstruction in Texas through the use of primary materials including correspondence. Outlines efforts by Blacks to improve the status of their communities in economic, educational, social, and political spheres despite the significant barriers and racial opposition. Focuses on the effect racism and the rejection of Black equality had on the emancipated slaves’ endeavors. Highlights Black members of the Texas Legislature and their attempts to protect Black Texans from repressive laws and harm.
Includes former Senators Walter Moses Burton, Matthew Washington Gaines, and George Thompson Ruby.
Includes former Representatives Richard Allen, Giles Cotton, Jeremiah J. Hamilton, William H. Holland, Robert A. Kerr, Robert James Moore, Sheppard 'Shep' Mullens, Meshack R. 'Shack' Roberts, and Benjamin Franklin Williams.
National University Publications, 1981, 202 pages
325.26 SM19



6. Negro Legislators of Texas and Their Descendants
By John Mason Brewer
Chronicles the Black experience in Texas from the emancipation to Reconstruction and the enfranchisement and registration of Black voters. Presents a roster, biographical information, genealogy, and legislative activities of Black members from the 12th to 24th Texas Legislatures (1871-1895) and the Constitutional Conventions of 1868-1869 and 1875. Highlights a brief personal testimony given by former Representative Robert Lloyd Smith on what it was like to serve in the 24th Legislature as a Black man. This publication is a reprint of the original 1935 edition with the addition of a new foreword and an addenda that describes major events affecting Black Texans since 1935, notably the election of three Black members to the Texas Legislature in 1966.
Includes former Senators Walter Moses Burton, Matthew Washington Gaines, Barbara Jordan, and George Thompson Ruby.
Includes former Representatives David Abner, Sr., Richard Allen, Alexander 'Alex' Asberry, Thomas Beck, Edward 'Ed' Brown, Giles Cotton, J. Goldsteen Dupree, Robert J. Evans, Jacob Esan Freeman, Harriel G. 'Hal' Geiger, Curtis M. Graves, Bedford Green Guy, Nathan H. Haller, Jeremiah J. Hamilton, William H. Holland, Zan W. Holmes, Jr., Mitchell Kendall, Robert A. Kerr, Joseph E. Lockridge, Elias Mayes, John Mitchell, Henry Moore, Robert James Moore, Sheppard 'Shep' Mullens, Edward A. 'Ed' Patton, Henry Phelps, Meshack R. 'Shack' Roberts, Alonzo L. 'Andrew' Sledge, Robert Lloyd Smith, Henry S. Sneed, James H. Stewart, James H. Washington, Allen W. Wilder, Benjamin Franklin Williams, Richard Williams, and George W. Wyatt.
Jenkins Pub. Co., 1970, 154 pages
325.26 B758N 1970