The Library is continually adding new books to its collection. Below are the titles from our July 2021 New & Noteworthy list.

Check out and delivery of New & Noteworthy titles is available to legislative staff in Capitol and District offices. To arrange check out and delivery of any of these items, you can submit an online request through the New & Noteworthy page on our website, contact the library at 512-463-1252, or use our PDF request form.


1. America's National Anthem: "The Star-Spangled Banner" in U.S. History, Culture, and Law
By John R. Vile
Presents the history and cultural significance of "The Star-Spangled Banner," the national anthem of the United States, in an encyclopedic format. Serves as a comprehensive resource on several aspects of the anthem, including the song's origin, its selection by Congress, laws and legal decisions related to its performance, and its impact on different demographic groups. Addresses controversies, such as the political protests undertaken during renditions of the anthem to highlight racial inequality
ABC-CLIO, 2021, 350 pages
973.52 V699 2021



2. Lone Star Vistas: Travel Writing on Texas, 1821-1861
By Astrid Haas
Examines and compares Mexican, German, and Anglo-American travel writings from military-scientific exploration, colonization, and professional journeys during the antebellum period. Argues these early accounts contributed to the public image of Texas at a time of political and social transformation. Highlights individual writers and how their backgrounds affected their views on nature, white settlement, military engagement, indigenous resistance, and slavery.
University of Texas Press, 2021, 215 pages
917.6405 H112 2021



3. Out of Many, One: Portraits of America's Immigrants
By George W. Bush
Presents a new collection of portraits painted by former President George W. Bush. Spotlights the inspiring journeys of 43 men and women who immigrated to the U.S. and their contributions to the life and prosperity of the nation. Highlights immigrant values that are often viewed as distinctly American, including optimism and gratitude, a willingness to strive and to work, a deep sense of patriotism, and a spirit of self-reliance.
Crown Publishers, 2021, 208 pages
759.13 B963O 2021



4. The Republican Party of Texas A Political History
By Wayne J. Thorburn
Explores the history of the Republican Party in Texas, from its founding in the mid-1800s to its current state dominance. Concludes that while Republicans have a strong foothold in the state, the party is fighting changing demographics, and ideologies from within and outside of its own party.
University of Texas Press, 2021, 387 pages
324.2764 T487R 2021



5. Reverberations of Racial Violence: Critical Reflections on the History of the Border
By Sonia Hernandez and John Moran Gonzalez, editors
Compiles a series of essays inspired by the 1919 Joint Committee to Investigate the Ranger Force, which addressed the violence committed against Mexican-Americans by Texas Rangers. Explores the historical context surrounding the Ranger investigation, the life of Brownsville Representative José Tomás Canales (whose activism led to the investigation), and how the history of violence against Texans of Mexican descent has been rediscovered by a new generation of historians, writers, and filmmakers.
University of Texas Press, 2021, 310 pages
363.209764 H557R 2021



6. Final Results of Sunset Reviews 2020–2021
By Sunset Advisory Commission
Summarizes the actions taken by the 87th Legislature on 19 entities that were under review by the Sunset Commission prior to the Regular Session. Highlights major changes to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), Teacher Retirement System of Texas (TRS), Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC), and the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). Provides the Sunset bill number, fiscal impact for 2022-2023, and final action taken on each of the entities reviewed.
Sunset Advisory Commission, 2021, 49 pages
S1500.8 AN79 2021